“I have resided happily at Highland Pines for 8 years. The staff is friendly and efficient and always lends a helping hand. There always seems to be something to do and I’m never bored. The outings and resident parties are just great. I told the administrator that I didn’t know a nursing facility could be so fun. I highly recommend this facility to anyone in need.”

-Virginia M., Resident Council President

“The staff of Highland Pines showed me so much concern and encouragement during my rehabilitation, in such a professional way they let me know they were there to help me get stronger and better. Everyone was so kind!”

-Harry N., short term rehab patient

“The people here are very nice and housekeeping really pays attention to keeping our facility clean.”

-Eleanor A., long term resident

“I have always felt I could say what was on my mind and be listened to. The other positive thing about Highland Pines is that you really get to visit and know the other residents. We really enjoy getting to share things about each other’s lives, backgrounds, interests and family.”

-Dennis S., long term resident

“When I first came to Highland Pines I was terrified and very sick. I couldn’t do much for myself. The kindness, reassurance and focus on my care and therapy plan has made me so much better and I’m so thankful for all the staff who really, really care.”

-Sharon S., short term rehab patient

“The staff get to know residents like myself so well that they can anticipate what I need even before I ask or request things!”

-Margaret J., long term resident